New Year – New You

Yes, and then come February you find out that it’s still the old you with some slight changes or lots of frustration! What if each day was a new day of it’s own? Just for today I will focus on making decisions that help me be at peace with God and myself!

At the end of each day I reflect on my satisfaction of being true to God’s calling in my life and if I was allowing the Holy Spirit to use me. I reflect on being faithful to God rather than being successful in the world’s eyes. There is a much deeper peace in knowing God is pleased and smiles in how I spent my day than if the world would approve of my financial, political, or social media interactions.

Not everything is perfect. I have financial strains, a house that has mistletoe in the trees, a car that has a recurrent low tire, family relationship sadness, a cat that won’t stop meowing regardless of how much I feed her, and the list goes on. However…

When God is smiling, I can rest.

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