When are you tempted to compromise? On your taxes, on your diet, on your spiritual practices….? Sometimes we may ask ourselves if discipline is really worth it and if anyone even notices. This is when going back to basics is so helpful. What is my goal? What is my driving force? What do I believe about myself, God, life in general?

When I remember that my life is so very valuable to God and so fleeting here on earth, it helps me maintain my basic faith practices. If I focus on how I feel then my life choices are going to be all over the map. It is only when I remember that I have inherent value because I belong to God that I can be steadfast in my journey of life. When I remember that the Jesus who paid the price for all of my sins is alive and dancing on streets of gold and that I can join Him some day that I keep my eyes on the prize and move ahead!

When I am tempted to compromise my faith or my spiritual disciplines I remember I have a choice. I can choose life and faith, or I can choose to follow any number of feelings I may be having, worthlessness, exhaustion, fear, loneliness, guilt, etc. I can choose to believe…I am eternally valuable to Almighty God, evil will always lie, the Truth will set me free.

I choose Truth!

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