Experience Transformation!

Join in a fun and interactive day of intensive transformation!  Tired of the same old lecture style learning? Want to hear unique and valuable perspectives that make instant and eternal differences?
Find out how a hula-hoop can change the way you think about your feelings.  Hear a story that will change the way you perceive your mission's effectiveness.  Engage in an exercise of authenticity that will show how similar you actually are to many others!  The Truth will set you FREE! Don't expect to come learn how to do life better, but come learn how to enjoy being a better you!
Bring the experience to your Leadership Event, Association Meeting, or Local Ministry Team and see Truth in action!
Schedule or join an event:  info@identityAbuse.com and see her speaker kit here: SPEAKER KIT also Event Planner Welcome Video

Fishing4Truth can be an all-day event (8:30-4:30) or eventl multi-day...some of these listed below are various speaking engagements and workshops, and in various languages interpreted.  For details of a specific event, please contact info@identityAbuse.com


February 1-3         Confident Christianity Workshop       Porter Ranch, CA
May 9-11               SPARK Children's Worker Retreat      Kellogg Camp, OR
July 9                     Christian Business Alliance               Marysville, CA
July 1-August 4      Sacramento District Family Camp     Nevada City, CA
August 23-25         Sac Naz Women's Retreat                 Tahoe, CA
September 1          Hayward First Naz Church                 Hayward, CA
October 3-5           NorCal Pastor's & Family Retreat     Santa Rosa, CA
November 30       Willow Creek Nazarene Church         Willow Creek, CA
February 6            SDMI Webinar - How God Reaches Us in Our Brokenness
March 12-15         WCHC E2020 (Exhibitor/book booth) Ridgecrest, NC
March 13, 2020 the Day COVID hit and my birthday, HA! So find me now online doing TONS of online Zoom webinars, Challenges, Videos, and eCourses, Groups.....on Facebook today!
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Other 2020-21 events...
CalTrans Safety Mtg. - Zoom Fatigue
Hosting a 31-day Speaker event on FB (also a speaker).
Hosting a 7-day event with 15 speakers for Holy Week (also a speaker)
Hosted a 6 day event with my MasterClass students
Guest speaking in Online Challenges for friends
And so much more...