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Jesus is IN: Christian Counseling Simplified


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SPANISH eVERSION: Jesús está Dentro: Consejería Cristiana Simplificada

English eBook:    Jesus is IN eBook CLICK HERE

(side note, eBook is great for those overseas to avoid shipping costs but working the questions in the book as designed in journal form brings the best healing)

Table of Contents


What We Really Want in Counseling

The Blending of God and Psychology in Real Time

A Lot of People Need the Same Stuff

More for More, or Less (More Content for More People for Less $)

Working it Out, Making it Matter

Chapter One: Facts About Feelings

Anger as a Secondary Emotion

Fact or Feeling: They Are Not the Same

You Can Control Yourself, Most of the Time

Trusting After Forgiving is a Tough Job

Committing to a Person Not a Feeling

Traits, Disorders, and Addictions

Grieving, Anxiety, and Getting Over It

Say What You Mean, and How You Feel

Chapter Two: Getting to Know God Well

What (or who) is Love?

Seeing Yourself from the View of God

Practicing Faith and Sitting Still

Changing Your Behavior, Your Beliefs (or visa versa)

Effective Praying isn’t For Sissies

What Could Have Been is Still Possible

The Bible: A Compilation

Bearing Witness with Hope and Joy

Unity in Mission

Effective Worship, Prayer, and Victory

God’s Love and the Oozing Effect

God’s Power, Our Relationship, the Separation Jump

Fake Truth, Proof of Faith, & Accurate Views of God

Chapter Three: Coping with Kids

Fear of Parenting

Listening to What Kids Mean versus What They Say

Get Real: A Message for Parents

How Well Do You Really Know Your Kids?

The “Quality Time” Punishment

House Rules that Work

Obedience without All the Yelling

Parenting Classes: A Higher Education

Attention Getters and Givers

Irrational Children and Upset Parents

Raising the Spiritual Standard

Chapter Four: Peace with the Past

Becoming Your Parents

Who is to Blame?

Learning to Cope Well

Caregivers and Other Poor Examples

Being Yourself in Spite of Yourself

Uncomplicated God

Forgiving Yourself

Chapter Five: Social Success

Its Not What You Say but How You Say It

Staying in the Room and Not Repeating Yourself

Who Owns Your Ethical Standards?

Divorce Leaves a Mark

The Mouthpiece of God

Bonding with Your Spouse

Dictators of Your Self-Esteem

Focusing Beyond Yourself

Chapter Six: Mentally Managing Myself

Getting to Know Your Inner Self

Being Nice to Others is Easy

You Are Not What You Do

The Value of Meaningless Hobbies

Being Present for Your Future

Are You on Drugs?

Nature or Nurture or Just a Bad Day

Choosing Healing, Education and Practice

It’s Not Me, It’s Them and Other Marriage Fables

Uniqueness is Invaluable

Listening Well While Thinking Clearly

Life Needs More Balance not More Obsessions

Selective Selflessness, Selfish Ambition, and Wisdom

Choose to Believe

Your God-given Identity Needs Protection

Appendix A: Feelings Words List

Appendix B: Prayer for Deliverance