Identity Abuse Buster Group

Get connected and get hope today!  If you are ready to take your Christianity to the Next Level you have most     definitely come to the right place!

The Identity Abuse Buster group is an online course that provides the tools to Identify and Correct mental blocks that interfere with healthy Spirituality. Everything is designed to be straightforward and practical and you don't want to miss the possibilities! You can also watch the many helpful YouTube videos online today.

iM Publications

We strive to publish materials that have impactful messages on every page.  Our most recent publication,

Jesus is IN: Christian Counseling Simplified

is available now!

In soft cover and ebook in English and ebook in Spanish 🙂

Our Goal is to create tools that work!

Finding truth should not be hard or complicated!  We have attempted to put our message into as many forms as possible...everything from digital media, printed materials, webinars, guest lecturing, and live events.  Click the link below to watch the original Identity Restoration video.  You will be amazed at what you will learn!

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