Spiritual Growth Mentoring

We have coaches for all sorts of things, from sports to business and from relationships to cooking! Now you can find a coach to show you the way to spiritual growth and breakthrough. Are you stuck? Wanting more than feeling guilty or inadequate, or are you just not feeling successful in your spiritual life? God wants you to have a life that is full, spiritually full!

For many years I provided professional Christian counseling as a licensed marriage and family therapist and an ordained pastor. As time went by, I started to realize that for some of my clients I became a pastor-for-hire. I had to tell them that was not my job and it was considered unethical for me to continue. Now, I can offer spiritual mentoring and coaching without hesitation.

It is with great joy and anticipation that I have created a group program for Christians wanting to go to the next level in their relationship with God and find deeper spiritual healing. I look forward to hearing your story of journey and celebrating your next area of growth with our Great God!

Join the journey!


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